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VIA means – both in Danish and in English – an intermediate station on a journey. VIA covers all of Region Central Jutland and is organised with a head office in Aarhus and seven campuses throughout the region. VIA University College is organised in two divisions (Continuing Education, Research and Development) and four faculties:

- Faculty of Education and Social Studies;
- Faculty of Health Sciences;
- School of Technology and Business;
- Faculty of Performing Arts;

VIA University College is the result of a merger between five well-established educational institutions. During the last few years, it has been the policy of the Danish government to merger educational institutions together to gain both economies of scale and synergies in education. In anticipation of this development, five centres for higher education programmes (CVU) joined in VIA UC, not only to be the biggest university college in Denmark, but also to be the prime University College and set the standard for future developments in legislation.

As the new-born ‘child’ of five different parenting institutions with different values and practises, VIA University College needs core values to act as guidelines for our future being. The Board and staff representing all aspects of VIA University College have engaged in great debate and agreed on the following values to be guidelines:

- Originality – VIA will develop study programmes and solutions that are not matched or outdone by other institutions.
- Openness – VIA is open in everything that we do and will enter into dialogues with all our stakeholders.
- Diversity – VIA wants to create a professional and varied learning environment in which students can meet and work irrespective of subject and nationality. VIA must be able to accommodate everybody.

VIA University College believes that an original approach to the development of study programmes and original solutions within the educational field will be essential for our ability to continue attracting future students and collaborators.

As a result, VIA University College covers a great variety of courses and programmes. VIA also focuses on offering commercial, technical, pedagogical, social and healthcare Bachelor programmes and further training. The programmes are created in developing interdisciplinary environments which collaborate with businesses, public authorities and relevant institutions.

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